Divas’ Fiesta Boosters

“Here comes the long-awaited release that everyone’s been waiting for!
Featuring the pack that only includes the adorable mermaids from the popular clan,
《Bermuda Triangle》!!
The theme this time is a Festa! “”Please accept our thanks!”””
Various Divas Gathered for the Festa!!

The theme for SP illustrations this time is Crown!!

Blessings for the Gala Stage of Divas!

Amazing Synergy with the previous releases too!!!

Featuring cards that strengthen the new “Chouchou” theme from “Debut of the Divas” and “Prismatic Divas”!!

A “Chouchou” deck can be constructed with just “Divas’ Festa” too!!

Look out for 1 type of Special Reissue “Superb New Student, Shizuku”!

Bermuda Triangle version of “Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo” will be specially featured as a ZR!!

Prijs: €5.00 per booster - 50€ per boosterbox

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