Liber Chaotica

In the grim fantasy world of Warhammer, the only constant was Chaos. The four great powers – Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh – bestrode the world, sending their countless servants to enact their twisted schemes. Among these servants were mortal men lured onto dark paths, mutant beastmen who lurked in the dark places of the world, and daemons, living manifestations of the Chaos Gods’ will. In Liber Chaotica, you will discover the natures of each of the gods, and what they offer the weak and unwary to draw them into their service. You’ll see the madness that lurks behind the veil and witness the horrors that the Dark Gods bring. This is your ultimate guide to Chaos in the world-that-was.

Delve into the very heart of Chaos in the world-that-was with an in-universe tome dedicated to uncovering and explaining the machinations of the Dark Gods and their servants. Exploring each of the gods in turn, along with their servants, their schemes and the doom they would unleash on the world, it’s an incredible look at the true nature of Chaos, as seen by scholars of Sigmar’s Empire.

Beware though – for as you read this tome, your very soul and sanity may be at risk…

Liber Chaotica Volume 1: Khorne
Liber Chaotica Volume 2: Slaanesh
Liber Chaotica Volume 3: Nurgle
Liber Chaotica Volume 4: Tzeentch
Liber Chaotica: Chaos Undivided

Written by Marijan von Staufer and Richard Williams

Prijs: € 55.00

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