Necromunda: Badzone Environments & Events Cards

Explores the Badzones, the perilous wastes between the more established zones of the underhive, with a set of 26 cards that summarise rules from The Book of Peril, providing you with an invaluable reference to use during your games of Necromunda.

Six Badzone Environment cards give you new dangers to fight over, while 20 Badzone Events cards allow you to experience the perils of the wild places of the underhive.

–6 Badzone Environment cards: Ancient Manufactorum, Stygian Depths, Sump Sea, Dome Jungle, Warp-tainted, and Unstable Dome
– 20 Badzone Events cards: Shutdown, Critter Swarm, Howling Winds, Choking Clouds, Toxic Downpour, Spore Clouds, Brainleaf Outbreak, Bad Air, Sludge Jellies, Giant Rats, Lair of the Beast, Things in the Dark, Gunk Tank, Labyrinth, Old Cache, Static Storm, I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This…, Witch’s Lair, Mutie Tribe, and Dome Collapse.

Prijs: € 12.00

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