Warcry Rules Cards Collection

Can’t choose which Warcry faction to play as? Give yourself maximum choice with this collection of rules cards! We’ve taken card sets for 9 warbands, and gathered them in one place for your convenience. Each set contains a set of fighter cards with rules for a variety of units, plus an ability card with powers and tactics for that faction.

This bundle contains:

Warcry: Stormcast Eternals rules cards
Warcry: Nighthaunt rules cards
Warcry: Glomespite Gitz rules cards
Warcry: Idoneth Deepkin rules cards
Warcry: Flesh-eater Courts rules cards
Warcry: Ironjawz rules cards
Warcry: Bonesplitters rules cards
Warcry: Legion of Nagash rules cards
Warcry: Daughters of Khaine rules cards

These sets contains abilities cards in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, as well as several fighter cards. Please note that a copy of the Warcry Core Book is needed to use these sets.

Prijs: € 6.50

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