Vanguard G – Trial Deck – Messiah Dragon of Rebirth

Introducing a new trial deck for the clan that Kouji Ibuki uses, !!
An all new Grade 3 “Messiah” is included as well!
Also included are the reissues of “Alter Ego Messiah” and “Destiny Dealer”!
This deck can be powered up with the cards from the same-day-release “Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation” too!
A hot-stamped version of the new Grade 3 “Messiah” is included randomly!

1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 54 cards (50 card deck + 4 G unit cards)/1 display contains 6 decks
18 types of cards (14 new cards + 4 reissue cards, inclusive of 4 holo cards)
First guide, playmat and “Link Joker” clan card are included.
1 Vanguard G postcard will be included in every deck!

Prijs: € 19.99

Ter info: is geen webshop. Prijzen en voorraad kunnen varieren, en zal altijd nagevraagd moeten worden bij ons.