Warscryer Citadel

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Warscryer Citadel. Built into a rock face, and impressively large, the Citadel is positively festooned with skulls – almost every surface features at least one, including several carved into the rock itself. It comprises 2 distinct buildings; a somewhat rickety main tower, with carved steps leading up to its reinforced door, sigmarite cross decorations, several imposing, barred windows, and a walkway leading to a secondary tower. there are 3 options for the secondary tower: a simple bare platform, a set of crenellated battlements, or a domed arcanoscope – this is the optical device used to observe the future by whoever controls the Citadel.

The Warscryer Citadel comes as 43 components.

Prijs: € 85.00

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